Facebook advertising experts remember how effective and cheap ads on Instagram and Facebook were ten or five years ago. It can be said that Tik Tok is as successful today as Facebook was then.

Many people still think that only children and teenagers are on Tik Tok, but this is not true. There are a huge number of informational and professional profiles on the platform with useful information. For example, accounts of doctors, trainers, teachers.

  1. Very low cost per views, clicks and conversions. And this applies even to such niches as medicine or real estate. But it's also clear that results, as everywhere, will depend on good creative (ad creation).
  2. Huge organic reach. You've probably already noticed that on Facebook or Instagram it's almost impossible to get good reach without investing in advertising, but on Tik Tok it's exactly the opposite. By posting a 30-second or one-minute video, you can get a huge number of views and comments without spending money. And if your video gets your recommendations, you are guaranteed several thousand organic views.
  3. Simple and easy to understand interface. You use a familiar, user-friendly interface similar to that of Instagram. Just like on Instagram, you can add a link to your page and write a sales offer in the header of your profile. You can also add buttons with links to Instagram and YouTube.
At the moment there are few experts in creating ads on Tik Tok, and it is even more difficult to find good advertising specialists. The specifics of the work and advertising accounts of Facebook and Tik Tok are similar, but there are still differences that affect the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Fortunately, the Click Center team will share with you some of the nuances of setting up ads on Tik Tok.

There are several ad formats available on Tik Tok:
  1. TopView - a video up to one minute in length that is displayed when the application is launched
  2. Branded Takeover - a banner ad that is displayed for 3 seconds, also when the Tik Tok app is launched.
  3. Branded Hashtag Challenge - search ads with a hashtag challenge (challenge).
  4. Branded Effects - ads with branded masks or special effects.
  5. In-feed Ads / Native Video - Ads on the Tik Tok channel itself, look like standard videos from regular users, only with a button to which we can add a link to our site or store.
  6. At the moment we recommend using In-feed Ads / Native Video (Tik Tok feed ads), moreover, this type of ad is available from the Ads Manager. The other above-mentioned ad formats can be launched only after contacting Tik Tok specialists.

To create an advertising campaign on Tik Tok, you must create a Tik Tok advertising account.
You can do this with an existing Tik Tok account or by registering.
Topping up your Tik Tok balance with your card.
Unlike Facebook, on Tik Tok you have to top up your balance manually at first. An automatic payment method is available once you exceed a certain billing threshold.
Adding a payment method, you've probably already sensed some similarities between your Tik Tok and Facebook ad accounts.

How do I create an ad campaign on Tik Tok?
Go to the Campaign section and click Create. Here, there is no need to explain and repeat what has already been said thousands of times about advertising goals, because the goals are similar to those of Facebook.
The minimum threshold for the daily budget is several times higher than what we are used to. In our case, advertising in Poland - 80 PLN per day.

Advertising creation.
It is worth noting that as a creative, it is best to use a post already published on the Tik Tok profile. This will ensure that all views and comments from the ads will be displayed under the post on your profile.
To select a video from your profile, click on Use TikTok account to deliver Spark Ads.
There is also a conversion campaign goal on Tik Tok, which works well for advertising online stores (e-commerce), but due to the problematic installation of the TikTok Pixel and frequent errors, this goal works less well than on Facebook. However, this is marketing, you always need to test and try different approaches, maybe in your business you can get good results.

  • Prepare your business profile to receive traffic. This rule works for both Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Before you start advertising, the profile must already be filled out, the offer must be added to the profile header, the go button on Instagram and YouTube must be set up, the link to the website must be added.
  • Content. Be careful when choosing content for your ads. Entertainment content or Tik Tok type trends don't always work, sometimes you need to run a strictly sales video and sometimes an informative one. But it should always be a video to get good results.
  • Use UTM tags in your links. This is needed to understand what kind of creative and what kind of advertising campaign is driving targeted traffic to our site.
  • Be original! We are increasingly finding that unconventional approaches in advertising bring good results.
  • Test it:) Our world is dynamic and changes at an incredible pace, you need to constantly try something new in your content, because we don't know if our audience will like it tomorrow. The leader in your niche will be the one who constantly goes beyond his comfort zone.
Tik Tok ads are no better than Facebook ads. Each platform has its own audience and its own advantages and disadvantages. You can't choose one thing to attract customers, you have to use all kinds of marketing tools.
There is nothing complicated about creating and running Tik Tok ads, and if you've worked with Facebook Ads Manager before, you won't notice much difference.

I wish you good luck in creating your campaigns, meeting your KPIs and high ROAS!
See you in business!