What to choose for promotion: SEM, SEO or PPC? There are many ways to promote: among them there are paid and almost "free" ones, those that bring quick results and work for the future. Most of them can be divided into three types - SEO, PPC and SEM. The Ringostat platform talks about these three concepts, their advantages and disadvantages, and in [...]
Tik Tok or Meta Facebook? Facebook advertising experts remember how effective and cheap ads on Instagram and Facebook were ten or five years ago. It can be said that Tik Tok is as successful today as Facebook was then. What makes Tik Tok so good? Many people still believe that on Tik Tok [...]
How can a PPC specialist understand what kind of ads customers are calling from? It is very important for a marketer and advertising specialist to understand what kind of advertising brings a customer. Otherwise, he can't make an informed decision on where to invest the marketing budget. But if Google Analytics easily shows the sources of online conversions, then with call sources everything is not so [...]
ROAS calculator How to calculate ROAS? ROAS (return on advertising spend) is the return on advertising investment, i.e. the rate of return you get for every zloty spent on an advertising campaign. Unlike ROI, it may not take into account the cost of doing business. At the end of this post I'll give you where to use the ROAS calculator. Read to the end. The calculator [...]
Do you enjoy what you do? I've been thinking a lot about why some people have jobs they love and some don't ❓ There are people who love their work, whether it's physical or creative. Some people don't like either physical work or creative work. What is the reason for this? And I thought that unloved work [...]
How to make money from knowledge? People have a tendency.☺ People tend to devalue their skills and abilities. This is always sad, because you don't do anything good for people and you don't gain anything yourself. How many beautiful photos are not taken. How many wonderful cakes are not baked and eaten because people devalue their skills. A [...]
Life doesn't have to be complicated, it has to be happy. ⭐ You know that. And you've always known it. You read all the books, watch all the movies to understand that the main teacher, just like the only student, is inside. It is yourself. And there is no other. And there won't be. You have to learn from yourself and experience always costs money. The door [...]
Today I will tell you about targeted advertising, what it is and why❓⚡ Everyone has a profile on Facebook and Instagram. Statistically, a person spends 7 hours a day online, about 2-3 hours on social media, @photograph.karina and @ladydi_beauty_ even 8 on Instagram. Creating something like targeted advertising was a brilliant idea. I already tell you why. Targeted advertising is [...]
Hey ! ✋ Here is the Click Center Advertising Agency. I want to tell you about my last trip to Warsaw. Max and Eugene went to attend the Big Money business conference. This conference is designed for entrepreneurs of all levels. It was from 8am to 10pm. At the conference, we listened to entrepreneurs […]