People tend to devalue their skills and abilities. This is always sad, because you don't do anything good for people and you don't gain anything yourself.

How many beautiful photos are not taken. How many wonderful cakes are not baked and eaten because people devalue their skills. And most importantly, how much money these people lose.

There is another format of limitations on this subject. When a person gets tied to one particular sphere and doesn't even think about the fact that he CAN do something else. Like a stamp in a document: field of work: accountant. That's all. God forbid that she should try her hand at something else. She must not.
Why not try your hand at a related subject? Why can't Maroussa become an astrologer, a fabulist, a psychologist, if she is drawn there? Who is going to stop her? Why can't she combine one thing with another until she gets better at something?

Because, because.
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Let me tell you a big secret.

And the secret is this:
You don't have to have three university degrees and 10 years of experience in marketing to get started in marketing.

If you can be useful in something, without cheating, and someone is willing to pay for it, go ahead and do it. Work.
(And I'm not talking about areas where you need a special license).

Who is willing to pay to watch the movies I love?

Film critics, screenwriters, assistant directors - There are a whole bunch of great-paying jobs in this industry.
Not ready to work for someone? Well, Filmmakers work for themselves, shoot their reviews and make a great living from their love of cinema.

And for those who want to find and monetize their talents, experience and knowledge, our course on setting up targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram is coming soon.

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